Electrical Calibration
Our Electrical calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools as well as calibration of masters and standards

Electrical Calibration

For convenient electrical or electronic calibration of meters and other instruments, General Construction Lab Calibration is your most reliable source. Our range of services includes multimeter calibration, chart recorders calibration, tachometer calibration, and electronic calibration of many other meters and instruments with DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, and DC resistance. With highly trained technicians and high-tech equipment, our electrical calibration provides results that will give you confidence in the capabilities of your electronic instruments.

The Electrical Calibration Process

General Construction Lab Calibration has individual documented procedures that are followed for each make and model of instrument receiving electrical calibration to ensure standardised testing. The instrument manufacturers’ “accuracies

Calibration Capabilities

  • Ammeter Calibration (Clamp-on)
  • Calibrator Calibration
    • Hand-Held
    • Transmation
    • Other models from leading manufacturers
  • Clamp meter Calibration
  • Contour Probe Calibration
  • Decade Box Calibration
  • Documenting Process Calibrator
  • Frequency Counter Calibration
  • High Resistance Meter Calibration
  • Hi-Pot Calibration
  • Light Meter/Lux Meter Calibration
  • MegOhmMeter Calibration
  • Multimeter Calibration
  • Oscilloscope Calibration
  • Power Supply Calibration
  • RCL Meter Calibration
  • Shunt Calibration
  • Standard Resistor Calibration
  • Tachometer Calibration/Stroboscope Calibration
  • Tong Meter Calibration
  • Wattmeter
  • Tachometer
  • Data loggers
  • Chart Recorders
  • Counters/Timer
  • Earth Testers
  • Flash Testers
  • Insulation Testers
  • High Voltage Testers