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Solenoid and Pressure operated valves

      Solenoid Valves are electromechanical devices which work by passing an electrical current through a solenoid, which in turn allows the valve to perform a pre-determined function. Solenoid Valves are available in different configurations such as 2/2-Way, 3/2-Way, 4/2-Way, 5/2-Way, and 5/3-Way, they provide varying functions including Normally Open and Normally Closed, and are available in various sizes and materials for both general purpose and specialist applications. All our pneumatic valves can be supplied in various materials such as brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, including specialist materials for high temperatures or for severe operating conditions. To get effective use out of the pneumatic cylinders or actuators, the use of an appropriate valve system interfaces the pneumatic system with the plant control scheme, such as SCADA. The Valve systems can be combined to perform complicated functions such as the sequential operation of cylinders, the interlocking of machine movements, controlling the application of force, and ensuring fail-safe operation using discrete logic or integrated controllers.

    We carry a wide selection of Solenoid Valves in stock, varying in size, configuration, price, material, or application specialism. We also carry ATEX approved solenoid valves for use in Hazardous Areas, along with high-pressure solenoid valves for extraordinary applications.

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Solenoid and Pressure operated valves

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