Vortex flow meter ifm electronic SV5500 - SVK12XXXIRKG/US-100 SV5500 - SVK12XXXIRKG/US-100 ifm Saudi Arabia

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Part Number : SV5500 - SVK12XXXIRKG/US-100

The SV5500 - SVK12XXXIRKG/US-100 vortex flow meter from ifm electronic with a measuring range of 2-40 l/min enables a high accuracy due to the flow measurement process being independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations of the medium. For signal processing two analogue outputs are available: OUT1 = IO-Link or flow monitoring (switching output/frequency signal) and OUT2 = Flow or temperature monitoring (switching output/frequency signal). With the Rc 1/2 (DN10) process connection and flexible programming, the SV5500 vortex flow meter can be adapted to different conditions. The flow meter with rotatable 2-colour electronic display is used in the measurement of water flow with and without conductivity. The Part Number is SV5500 - SVK12XXXIRKG/US-100

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