Mitutoyo 192-673-10 Multi-function Digimatic Height Gauge 0-1000 mm / 0-40 inch, Resolution (switchable) 0.01 / 0.005 mm (.0005 / .0002") 192-673-10 Mitutoyo Saudi Arabia

Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock
Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock

Part Number : 192-673-10

A Mitutoyo digital height gauge, twin column design. Multi-functional type. Digimatic data output. An extensive range of accessories extends the application range. High measuring accuracy is ensured by the double-column structure. • Standard and Multifunctional models are available. • Ergonomic base fits in the palm of your hand pleasantly. • As an optional attachment, a bidirectional touch-trigger probe is offered. • The display's character height has been enlarged (10 to 11 mm), and the high-contrast LCD display has been upgraded for better reading. • The ergonomics of the slider are improved by the inclined handle. • It's possible to integrate it with statistical process control and measurement systems. • A long scriber with a carbide tip is included as a standard accessory. The Part Number is 192-673-10

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