Capacitive sensor ifm electronic KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI ifm Saudi Arabia

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Part Number : KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI

  The KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI capacitive sensor from ifm electronic with an M30 x 1.5 plastic thread, has an operating voltage of 20-250 AC/DC and the output function can be programmed as NO or NC. The operating distance of the capacitive sensor is 15 mm and with a non-flush installation can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer. This also helps to readjust e.g. for sediment. The electrical connection of the KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI capacitive sensor is made via connection terminals. Thanks to increased noise immunity and a protection rating of IP65, the sensor can be used in almost all applications. The Part Number is KI0024 - KIE2015-FBOA/NI

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