GAGEMAKER RG-7004-M, 16" - 20" (406.4 mm - 508 mm) RANGE, 0.01 mm RESOLUTION, 10 mm TRAVEL, EXTERNAL THREAD ROLL GAGE WITH METRIC INDICATOR Gagemaker RG-7004-M Gagemaker Saudi Arabia

Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock
Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock

Part Number : Gagemaker RG-7004-M

External thread sizes ranging from 5/8" to 24" are measured with these functional size inspection (or "GO/NO GO") gauges. The gauges are adjustable within a size range and measure different pitch threads with interchangeable thread rolls. The TDWIN Thread Disk Software allows you to set the dimensions for the functional pitch diameter gauges. Indicators have a travel of 10mm and a resolution of 0.01 mm, with higher resolutions possible. Sets of thread rolls are not included. The thread rollers and the software are offered separately. The Part Number is Gagemaker RG-7004-M

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